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Chuck Warren, Utah Political Operative, Makes the State Better

September 20, 2018

Over time, Chuck Warren, Utah Republican and business specialist, has demonstrated a remarkable ability to implement strategies that get things done for his clients and others. One of the best examples came when he was able to help pass regulatory changes designed to end some of the worst financial practices, including many that brought down the financial system in 2008. As managing director for Silver Bullet, LLC, a highly regarded consulting firm, Chuck Warren has gained experience in public affairs, crisis communication and initiative qualifications for many huge global corporations, high-profile law firms, municipalities, developers and many other types of organizations.

For Chuck Warren, Utah is definitely the greatest state in the union, which may be why Republican Mia Love chose Chuck to be her campaign’s finance co-chair for the state’s 4th Congressional District seat. She also may have chosen Chuck Warren based on his record as an accomplished fundraiser and for his sterling reputation for getting the job done. That is a reputation that has built over the years because he has shown himself to be more than willing to take on the most difficult assignments and get the best results.